Posted by Barron Whited on October 14, 2016

October is National Bullying Prevention Month which unites communities nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention. At Agora Cyber Charter School, one of the main reasons parents choose cyber education for their child is to escape the bullying that takes place more commonly at a brick and mortar school. Because of the online education setting, many cyber schools like Agora, also take extra precautions to prevent cyberbullying within our online school.

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Posted by JoAnn Gigliotti on July 14, 2016

Literacy isn’t just about a grade in English class, it’s about honing skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in order to improve your student's chances of success in whatever path in life they take!

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A Summers Worth of Activities for Teens

Posted by JoAnn Gigliotti on June 22, 2016

Summer fun can quickly turn to boredom if your teen doesn't have a job or isn't trying to stay active. You can stop summer boredom in its tracks with these creative ideas for teens:

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Posted by JoAnn Gigliotti on June 13, 2016

This is an exciting year for education as parents have more options when it comes to choosing K-12 education avenues for their children! Knowing families are faced with identifying the best educational route to take, has created a comprehensive guide for online education options.

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Save Thousands on College Tuition While Attending High School!

Posted by Whitney Patterson, Guidance Counselor on May 31, 2016


The idea of paying for college tuition can be daunting to so many families preparing for their son or daughter to go off to college someday, but it doesn't have to be!  There are several ways that families can save on college tuition costs early if they have the right information and tools. Here are some helpful tips that families can start thinking about to save money as you investigate the journey of post-secondary education: 


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Posted by Barron Whited on May 18, 2016

As many high school seniors will be graduating in a couple of weeks, students and their families may be unsure about the next chapter in their lives. Graduation is a huge milestone for students. Graduates may get a great deal of advice from teachers, parents, and other adults. This information could help steer students in preparing for the next stage of their lives. Here are some suggestions for parents to offer their graduates:

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Posted by Barron Whited on May 6, 2016

With prom season rapidly approaching, many teenagers will be excited to attend this special event, often the highlight of their high school memories! Parents can help their teenagers have a safe and memorable time by reminding them of a few simple rules.  Parents should help their teens by planning ahead, having an organized agenda, and reinforcing good etiquette when it comes to prom. Here are some general guidelines on prom manners to keep in mind and will help your students have a wonderful, memorable time:

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Posted by Fallon Nicholas, Agora Middle School Guidance Counselor on May 2, 2016

Soon students will be out of school for summer break.  They’ll be spending time at the pool, taking family vacations, and having fun with friends and doing activities they love. This is also a great opportunity to help them explore their interests and future careers. Have a discussion with your child and ask them about their future job goals with some of the following questions, be mindful in your response and be encouraging with their goals:

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The PSAT: Tips for Success

Posted by Roxanne Zeisloft, High School Guidance Counselor on April 18, 2016


 The PSAT is a preliminary SAT exam that also serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Not only does the PSAT help prepare students to take the SAT, a great score on the PSAT can open the door to the National Merit Scholarship and other awards. So, the PSAT is very beneficial for college bound students to take in their 10th and/or 11th grade year.

Here are a few tips for students to keep in mind about the new PSAT:

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BE PREPARED:  How To Help Students OVERCOME Test Anxiety

Posted by Barron Whited on April 5, 2016
Over the next few weeks, many students will begin taking the PSSA’s (The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment) and Keystone exams in our region to measure skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Before taking theses exams, students may be feeling pressure regarding their performance. Parents may find themselves looking for ways to assist their children through these stressful times in school. Here are some tips for parents to help students with test anxiety:
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