Gov. Tom Wolf Budget Cuts to Cyber Charter Schools Do Not Result in ‘Savings’ to Taxpayers

Posted by JoAnn Gigliotti on March 23, 2015

Pennsylvania Capital BuildingThe first budget proposed under Governor Tom Wolf - elected on a platform to increase educational spending by taxing the natural gas fracking industry - includes severe cuts to the most cost-effective public schools in Pennsylvania — cyber charter schools like Agora.

The governor is proposing to reduce the regular education per-pupil contribution for cyber charter schools to $5,950. Based on enrollment projections, Agora CCS will lose approximately $40 million in annual funding. In addition, the state House of Representatives is proposing another $25 million reduction in cyber charter school funding under H.B. 530.

Gov. Wolf suggests his plan represents a $162 million “savings” to school districts. However, these so-called savings are nothing more than a shift in funding away from cyber charter schools to the district-operated schools.

What the budget proposal does not consider is the negative impact it will have on cyber charter schools and their ability to continue providing students with a high-quality education.

Let your state legislators know why they must vote against these proposals and continue supporting cyber charter schools. Tell them how Agora CCS has benefited your family, and urge them to oppose any proposal that would slash funding to cyber charter schools.

Contact information for state senators and state representatives can be found on the Pennsylvania General Assembly website: 

Agora Cyber Charter School Board President Mary Steffey, a biological, adoptive and foster parent, has six children enrolled in Agora Cyber School. She explains in this video why she believes having her children attend Agora Cyber Charter School from home instead of enrolled in a district-operated school is saving school districts and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.