I’m about to graduate ... Now what?!

Posted by JoAnn Gigliotti on May 28, 2015

As we say good bye to the Class of 2015 at upcoming graduation ceremonies, students like you –and their grateful parents!—are thinking about their future and what they will be doing after graduation. At Agora, our teachers, family coaches, transition coordinators and guidance counselors work with high school students to help them assess what their next step should be after leaving our learning community, and put them on the right track for a bright future:

CollegeDormCollege bound
Application deadlines are past and acceptances are mailed, so its time to get ready for college! By choosing a cyber school education, you probably already know some of the unique ways you learn independently, so going off to college is often more nerve-wracking for parents than it is for students!  Talk to older friends or relatives who are in college – find out what they love and don’t love, and what makes them enjoy their campus and learning experiences. Ask them how best to be prepared to make college a pleasant, productive experience.
If leaving home isn’t for you but you need a college degree for a future career, now more than ever, you can earn your college degree online. Here is a list of the Top 25 online Bachelor’s and Associate degree programs.
Vocational or Trade Programs
Pennsylvania has 122 schools with programs that lead to technical certificates or associate degrees. If you have a special skill or talent, a trade program might be your best option. From cosmetology to computer support technicians, these schools often help with job placement through business connections or local unions after graduation. For a directory of schools in PA and a list of what they offer click here: http://www.trade-schools.net/locations/pennsylvania-schools-directory.asp

MilitaryMilitary Service
Serving is not always about being a soldier – depending on your skills; the various branches are also looking for highly skilled STEM students, medical professionals, and fearless leaders. The Marine Corps and Army branches are very proactive in recruiting in their communities – you may see them set up at baseball games, fairs and festivals, or school events. Just like selecting a college, or cyber school, there are many opportunities for each individual based on their personal strengths. Once you decide what branch is right for you, a recruiter will guide you through the rest of the process.

You can locate a military recruitment center in your neighborhood by clicking on these links:
Air Force: http://www.airforce.com/contact-us/recruiter-locator/
Army: http://www.goarmy.com/locate-a-recruiter.html
Coast Guard: http://www.gocoastguard.com/about-us/find-recruiter
Marine Corps: http://www.marines.com/eligibility/meeting-recruiter
Navy: https://www.navy.com/locator.html

Your Future is Bright

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

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