Is A Cyber School Right For Your Child?

Posted by JoAnn Gigliotti on September 14, 2015

When it comes to education, we all want what’s absolutely best for our kids. For decades, society felt that attending a good public school with an attainable route to college was the only key to success. Private brick-and-mortar academies became all the rage as they claimed to offer the best education that money could buy, all but promising a fast track to any university and lifelong happiness.

            Today’s society, on the other hand, has a much different approach to education: we’re abandoning the idea that physically attending college is a necessity and we’re hungry for options. Students are embracing the growing trend of earning degrees online. In fact, technology has become such an impressive partner in this field that an online education can be all encompassing and effective in completing an entire traditional 12-grade cycle. Cyber schools offer a uniquely customizable education for your child that can help him/her in many ways. Here are five reasons that a cyber school can prove to be the answer your family is looking for:

  1. Your child’s schedule now is more compatible with working in the future

Finances are tight for a lot of families out there and unfortunately that can often mean your son or daughter having to hit the job market much sooner than expected. Public schools have a set schedule with classes starting around 7:30am and ending by 3pm; this can severely hamper your teenagers ability to work certain shifts or hours if your family’s financial situation truly calls for their assistance.  Or maybe your student is an excellent athlete – an Olympic contender – and needs to be “working” in the gym during the day.  Attending class through a cyber school allows them the flexibility to start their studies when they are not just available, but ready and focused, too. No more late nights and lack of sleep from juggling work, homework, extra curricular activities and an early alarm to catch the bus.


  1. Your family can travel and relocate easily

As a parent, if your job requires constant relocation, such as a government employee, member of the military, or even a high powered CEO, cyber schooling could be very beneficial to your children. Rather than constantly pulling your child out of school and interrupting their intellectual growth in the process, an online education can maintain an ongoing curriculum from anywhere. Your child can finally have the consistency they need to succeed in their studies – from anywhere.


  1. Your child can get the help they need

Children can have a slew of situations that require specific types of education. For example, they could have a learning disability and work much better in one-on-one environment. Another child may have a rare ailment or disability that requires frequent trips to specialists or doctors during the school day; in some cases, the child’s immune system could be compromised, making public school a near impossibility. Cyber schooling is an excellent solution to these problems as it allows students the freedom to have an independent schedule coexist with their education, while also providing an all-attentive one-on-one learning environment. Sometimes life can force families to put school second while working through other more important health issues; cyber schooling is the only form of education that allows this with ease.


  1. Children can learn at their own pace

Public schools can be an interesting place where, until high school, the higher  intelligent students are often placed in the same classroom as some of their less fortunate peers. This creates a constant struggle for the teacher who is trying to give those in need more attention, while challenging the kids who are ahead in the class; it’s not fair to the educator nor is it fair to your son or daughter who may be ready for bigger challenges. If your learner is having their education stalled or even dragged down by their fellow students, cyber schooling offers a viable solution. Your child can move along at their own pace and accomplish much more than they could in a crowded, and often divided, public school classroom.


  1. You can avoid bad neighborhoods

Not everyone lives in the best part of town and often walking to school or riding the bus can place your child in danger. For many students who are bullied, too, school isn’t the safe haven it always was and a cyber education can keep your children in the safety and comfort of your own home. This means your child can keep away from negative influences that could eventually derail their future as well. Keeping them “off the streets” and in the books with an enrollment in a cyber school can eliminate nervousness and anxiety – for both you and your student.


Doing what’s best for their education can often mean looking into cyber schooling opportunities that offer the customization they need.  Agora Cyber Charter School provides many options, so call today and speak with an enrollment specialist to see if cyber schooling is right for your child.