My History Our History: A celebration of black history month

Posted by Suhayalah First Grade on February 23, 2016

As told by Agora 1st grader, Suhayalah, a descendant from one of the first black regimens to fight in Civil War which helped free the slaves!

This is my Great great great great ,Grandfather Edward Augustus Croslear. As a Civil War veteran, 54th Massachusetts Coloured Infantry, he marched in a parade. 



They were one of the first black regiments formed. He is the one with the arrow on top. They was so famous a movie named “Glory” was made about them!


He is also pictured in the middle and to the left with his wife on front page of the Upper Housatonic Valley African American Heritage Trailwebsite.







I also had more family help free the slaves in the Civil War: three Uncles and one cousin. Chauncey Crossley (captured by the Confederates and escaped), Milo Lampman was the first black man in the north to enlist and fulfill his term, and Nathaniel Johnson. A cousin Norman Johnson who was sent to Sing Sing prison by the War Department in the 1860s; he was eventually released. They were very brave!



     This is my black history.


But no matter what color you      are, if you are American, it is your history, too!