Posted by Barron Whited on May 6, 2016

Screen_Shot_2016-05-06_at_11.18.01_AM.pngWith prom season rapidly approaching, many teenagers will be excited to attend this special event, often the highlight of their high school memories! Parents can help their teenagers have a safe and memorable time by reminding them of a few simple rules.  Parents should help their teens by planning ahead, having an organized agenda, and reinforcing good etiquette when it comes to prom. Here are some general guidelines on prom manners to keep in mind and will help your students have a wonderful, memorable time:

1. Invitation Etiquette
As times have changed from a decade ago, it is now totally fine for both boys and girls to invite dates to the prom. The key is if someone gets an invitation, it is important to accept or reject the offer in a timely manner. Do not make someone wait for an answer. If a teenager needs to reject an offer, it can help if they let the other person down gracefully as well as being empathetic to their feelings.

Prom_limo2016.jpg2. Who is buying?
Once a teenager has decided who they are going to take to the prom, it can help if they have a discussion with their date on about who is paying for what. For example, who is paying for the tickets, transportation, dinner, and/or pictures? It could be awkward if they get to the prom and did not work out the minor details when it comes to money. Sometimes, dates will split all the expenses and others may prefer to pay for everything for their dates. Students will need to have a talk with their dates as well as their parents on what is the best option.

Screen_Shot_2016-05-06_at_11.04.36_AM.png3. Proper Attire When it comes to proper attire for the prom, it is vital to check with the school district’s dress code. The prom can be one of the best events in a teenager’s life! Prom is a formal event; therefore, it is important that students wear formal attire. It also can be a life lesson for students because it teaches them they will need to be dressed appropriately for events such as graduations, weddings and various ceremonies.

4. Practice Good Manners
It is important for students to have good manners when it comes to dining and dancing at the prom. As far as dining, dates should never put their elbows on the table, chew with your mouth open, double dips, and/or begin eating before everyone is seated. Prom would not be complete without dancing the night away! A good rule of thumb is to encourage students to ask their dates if they would like to dance; never assume it is okay to leave them alone.

5. Keep Prom Agenda
Parents should keep an agenda of the time and location of their child’s prom. It might be a good idea to have a conversation with them on what the expectations are. For example, having the contact information for their dates and parents available, know curfew, and driving responsibilities. If students feel like they are in a difficult situation with their date or friends, encourage them to text a code word that only the family would know. If parents receive the code word, then they know their child needs to be picked up without judgement. It is vital to keep teenagers safe during prom season!

Wishing you a wonderful prom!