Six Ways to Thank a Vet This Veteran’s Day!

Posted by Alyson Smith DeLuca on November 10, 2015

Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day! It’s the one day out of the whole year specifically devoted to showing appreciation for the men and women who have served and are STILL serving in the military. Soldiers are brave individuals who protect our country and sacrifice their own lives to protect the lives of people they have never even met. They do this voluntarily and expect no thank you in return.

Many members of the Agora community have someone in their life who is serving or has served in the military. This Veterans Day we want to work together to show our support, compassion, and gratitude for veterans everywhere. Even if you don’t personally know a veteran there are still ways to show you care. Keep reading for tips on how to say thank you and show your support for soldiers on Veterans Day and every other day of the year.

  • Say “Thank You”, literally: It’s one of the simplest things you can do. When you see a soldier or hear someone talking about their service, walk up to them, say “thank you for your service” and shake their hand. It may seem and feel awkward at first but it’s a small gesture that goes a long way.
  • Attend an Event: cities and towns all over the county hold Veterans Day events like parades, luncheons, and other social gatherings. Search the internet or newspaper for events in your area. Even if you don’t know a veteran personally this is a great way to get out there and say thank you.
  • Send a care package: There are hundreds of thousands of soldiers still deployed all over the world and some of these men and women receive little to no mail while overseas. Search the web for organizations that help provide care packages to soldiers through donations (Operation Gratitude and Any Soldier are a few examples). These sites will provide lists of essential items, rules for what you can and cannot send to the soldiers, and instructions for how to send the care package.
  • Write a letter: It may seem hard to imagine, but some soldiers don’t have a lot of family, and others may come from less supportive backgrounds. Just like sending a care package, writing a letter or sending a card can make a difference in the life of a veteran, especially one serving overseas. It may seem strange at first writing a letter to someone you don’t know so start out by introducing yourself and asking simple questions, and don’t forget to say thank you!
  • Do something kind: Visit the local VA Hospital and just chat with some of the veterans, offer to do some household chores, walk their dog, or deliver dinner to their house. The list of ways to help someone out is endless, think about it and then go and do it.
  • Volunteer: There are a ton of organizations out there that support our veterans and almost all of them provide volunteer opportunities for people who want to lend a hand. There are also different organizations that help with specific issues like injury or homelessness. Think about how you want to help out and then search for ways to volunteer and what you need to do to get involved.

Remember, a small act of compassion can make the biggest difference in the life of a service member. Be sure to keep these tips in mind not only this Veterans Day, but every day of the year. The Agora Community would like to thank all veterans who have served and are still serving our country. Happy Veterans Day!